Brief Hiatus….

So, excuses and nothing more, but work stuff, family stuff and a variety of other stuff came up and meant I haven’t been consistent in posting here.

That doesn’t mean that progress hasn’t been made in other areas:

My first TeeSpring design is up, and can be found at


I have purchased stocks in a UK based company, not as a short term or day trade, but as a longer term investment. This was not initially the ‘plan’, but I have to be realistic at the moment about how much time I can spend on trading.

The car boot/eBay items still haven’t sold! But they will be relisted again soon – I’m not giving up on them just yet.

The fact of the matter is that through all of these endeavors I have still earned a grand total of £0. In fact, because I have spent money I am probably down a few pounds. I will not give up though – in fact in the last week or so I have resolved myself to increase my efforts and that includes sharing my journey here.

Only a quick one I know, but I thought an update was important at this point.

Until next time,

Keep Struggling

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