Chasing cars…..

In this post I consider some of the difficulties with just getting started on this path.

I hear from people who have walked this path that getting started is on of the hardest parts; the first step is the most difficult. I can imagine that is true, something some experience, confidence and self-belief can easily fix.

I’m not sure about you but part of my struggles are because I can’t seem to focus on a path and stick to it. There so much advice, guidance, ideas and tips to take in, and that’s great; but sometimes it can be overwhelming. As soon as I start to get into the idea of something, I read a post or a tweet, watch a Youtube video and my mind is off to the races thinking about if that could be a better path or a better decision. Thinking about how I could make that work.

I think starting ‘late’ plays a part here. I wish I was in my early 20’s, thinking how I think now, knowing what I know now. Here, at 30(-ish), it feels like there is a lot of wasted time. Now I’m a little late starting it feels like going down the wrong path would be a grave mistake; as such I am often paralysed with indecision. It feels like a massive decision.

Motivation comes and goes – I get inspired by Gary Vee, Tim Ferris, Tom Bilyeu, Tony Robbins and the myriad of other influencers, mentors and motivational gurus, but then when it comes time to pull the trigger on something I stumble and falter.

Now obviously, on a conscious level, I know that without action nothing can change, how could it? All this serves to do though is complete the cycle:

  • I know I must take action
  • I think about what action I should take
  • I start to hone in on some idea or direction
  • I get inspired
  • Along comes some other suggestion or idea
  • I get distracted by, and start to consider, some other new idea
  • I stall
  • But I know I must take action
  • Rinse and repeat

Hence it feels like i am always jumping from one idea to the next, like a dog chasing cars.

“Perfection is holding you back”. This quote and others of the same vain also play a part. If I am honest with myself, this need for perfection or to have a full understanding of what I am getting into, is because of my lack of confidence. I am scared. Therefore, this vacillating is a safety net, if I don’t jump in then I can’t get it wrong.

It is interesting then to think of what exactly I am scared of. These fears, I am sure are probably pretty universal – fear of failure, fear of looking stupid, fear of being the person cocky enough to think they could do it different and ending up with egg on their face.

But why do I care? It has taken a long time to start to get to this point where I have the confidence to take the plunge, I am currently on the precipice. It has taken a long time to realise that I am not comfortable with average.

I have a quote on the wallpaper of my phone which reads, “Your comfort zone will kill you” – it is important I remember this.

That’s part of the reason of starting this blog, by putting my thoughts out there I am (hopefully) going to stand more chance of figuring things out, and then sticking to it because of the increased accountability.

If you’ve ever felt like this please add a comment below. Have you got past this feeling? How did you do it? If you’re stuck feeling the same then let me know too, maybe I can serve as some inspiration, I really hope so.

So what have I figured out, and what is ‘it’?

Err…..well….I’m not sure. Not just yet anyway. I am working on some ideas and they will probably make the basis of the next post, until then, keep struggling.

The Struggling Wantrepreneur

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